Adam Ant, Live in Manchester! Guest Reviewer, Ashleigh From The U.K.

Ashleigh (ME!) with Adam Ant!

Ashleigh (ME!) with Adam Ant!

Good ol’ Prince Charming is back on the road for a short tour! After cancelling a handful of 2014 dates across the UK and Germany, Adam Ant took centre stage for the first time this year in Manchester!

Complete white stripes across our face, we all waited eagerly for the time where Adam Ant would Stand and Deliver a fantastic performance on stage.  Arriving 45 minutes late, a leather-clad Adam finally took to the stage. Greeted by the crowd’s roars of delight, he posed for pictures and delved straight into the longer version of ‘Cartrouble’.

Complete with pelvic thrusts and crotch grabs – his constant sexual stage presence caused screams left, right and centre. Tearing off his leather jacket, he revealed the ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ vest top underneath. Over various songs, he teased the crowd by ripping his shirt little by little. Much to the ladies delight with one last tear, it ripped completely in half – and wore it like a waist jacket.

Focusing on titles from his heavier post-punk album, ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’, this gig displayed a lot of attitude. From ‘Day I Met God’ to ‘Cleopatra’, he told the audience that the album is “supposed to make you feel uncomfortable”.

The starting selection of songs had the fans dying to hear the hits, which started with an exciting, up-tempo version of ‘Stand and Deliver’. The tempo change in songs was fitting to the overall, raw punky feel of the show.

One of the highlights of the concert was his passionate performance of ‘Wonderful’. It was a beautiful rendition, and an emotional crowd swayed a long in awe. He then went on to sing more familiar songs such as ‘Kings of The Wild Frontier‘ and ‘Goody Two Shoes‘!

Video via YouTube

By the end of it all, the crowd was DESPERATE (and extremely serious!) to hear ‘Prince Charming’… and that’s exactly what they got! [Everyone danced the ‘Prince Charming’ too!]

Adam ended the fabulous night with a very sensual performance of ‘Physical’ before leaving the stage as his band played him off. It was an amazing show, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This is the setlist in order:

  1. Cartrouble (Parts 1 And 2)
  2. Digital Tenderness
  3. Nine Plan Failed
  4. Day I Met God
  5. Tabletalk
  6. Cleopatra
  7. Stand And Deliver
  8. Antmusic
  9. Vive Le Rock
  10. Deutscher Girls
  11. Wonderful
  12. Kings of the Wild Frontier
  13. Kick!
  14. Goody Two Shoes
  15. Desperate But Not Serious
  16. Zerox
  17. Prince Charming
  18. Physical (You’re So)

The Voice Recap, Night 2 of The Playoffs

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It was  Shakira and Adam Levine‘s turn to choose who they wanted to advance to the live rounds. Each singer picked their own song to sing, and after a little guidance from their coach, they hit the stage in hopes of making it to the Top 12. Here’s how they all did.

Team Shakira

Kristen Merlin sang Carrie Underwood‘s “Two Black Cadillacs.” Shakira told her to be expressive, but to not overdo it with the growls. Kristen has such a nice, clear voice that i’m glad she took Shakira’s advice. She might not look like the typical Country singer, but she has a voice made for songs like these. She will be a force for Team Shakira.

Deja Hall sang “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks. Deja says she chose this song to show off the more aggressive side of her voice, but I don’t think she gave all that she could. Her voice is really sweet, and not really suited for this type of song, but it was good for her to not go for another ballad. It was technically a good performance, but there wasn’t a lot of emotion, or aggression, behind it.

Tess Boyer sang “Human” by Christina Perri. I’m personally not familiar with this song, but it has some high notes that made Shakira a little nervous. So she told Tess to keep it intimate, which worked for her. I didn’t really like how lower register at the beginning, but once she got into she really sold this.

Patrick Thomson chose “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne. This was the perfect song choice for his rasp, even though he hadn’t sang it before. The problem here was that there wasn’t anything really special with his performance, which is a shame because he does have such a good voice.

Dani Moz sang “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. Dani was already getting emotional over the song in rehearsals, which made me think she was planning her tears. I agree with Adam, it was good for her to show emotion, but she didn’t need it. Turning the song into a piano ballad worked very well for her, as her voice was the showcase.

Shakira picked Tess, Dani and Kristen as her three singers to move into the live rounds.

Team Adam

Delvin Choice picked Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together.” The only thing Adam wanted him to do was really commit to the song, and he did. Delvin was damn near perfect here and earned a lot of praise from the other coaches. Usher said that he had the most unique voice in the competition. I wouldn’t really call it unique, but it is definitely one of the best.

Jake Barker went for Maroon 5‘s “She Will Be Loved.” It’s tough to sing one of your coach’s songs, but Adam had faith that he would pull it off. His falsetto isn’t as good as Adam’s, but it was good that he wasn’t trying to imitate his coach’s style. They pointed out the Justin Timberlake like qualities of his style, which will make him a popular contestant.

Kat Perkins sang “Open Arms” by Journey. This was a huge song to tackle, everyone knows Steve Perry has some of the craziest, in a good way, vocals in the business. Kat stayed in her own lane, but still delivered a performance Usher called “flawless.”

Morgan Wallen sang “Stay” by Florida Georgia Line. Morgan isn’t a guy you’d expect to be singing Country, but it’s his genre of choice. The song didn’t really allow him to have any special, big moments. His rasp was on display, but I don’t think that was enough for him to make it to the next round.

Christina Grimmie chose “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. The thing I liked Christina’s performance is that it felt like she was trying to tell us that she wouldn’t give up! She nailed the fast parts of the song without running out of breath, connected with the audience and had a great finish. So she was definitely a shoe-in for the Top 12.

Unsurprisingly, Adam chose Delvin, Kat and Christina to move on the live rounds.

The competition continues on Tuesday night with Team Usher performing for their spots in the Top 12.

Mad Men Recap, ‘Time Zones’



It was business as usual for the seventh season premiere of ‘Mad Men.‘ I was already feeling a little ambivalent about this season, and there’s consensus that this episode was just plain boring. Still, it deserves to be dissected a bit. Here’s what all the characters have been up to.


Don: We didn’t even see Mr. Draper until about 8 minutes or so into the episode. He gets dressed, smoothly goes through the airport and greets Megan. The events of last season would have lead us to believe that these two were done, but apparently they’ve resolved most of their issues. Megan is getting a huge role on a CBS show and he has to be the supporting husband. As far as his work goes, he’s not doing anything but still collecting checks from SCDP. Perhaps to feel like he’s actually earning them, he has been feeding Freddy Rumsen ideas, which he then gives to Peggy, and she pitches them to her new boss. Peggy didn’t seem to question Freddy’s new found awesomeness, but did she really think he came up with all that great stuff on his own? And now that he’s bi-coastal, Draper is spending a lot of time on planes–which means even more opportunities for random hookups. However, the woman he meets on his flight, played by Neve Campbell, falls asleep in his arms, but doesn’t want to sleep with him. Not the first woman to turn him down, but there wasn’t enough chemistry here for this to turn into a thing.

Peggy: So Pegs now works under an indifferent boss named Lou Avery. He doesn’t seem to respect her, or her ideas, and if there is anything that Peggy liked about Don it’s that he at least entertained her ideas. Not only that, she still has to see Ted around the office. They share an awkward moment in the break room, and she winces at him kissing his wife in the hallway. Stan tells her to “buck up,” but her personal and professional lives are a mess, literally. It’s her responsibility to fix the awful plumbing in her building, and the stress of work and overflowing stopped up toilets makes the poor girl break down in tears. Something tells me Peggy isn’t going to be thrown a bone anytime soon.


Pete: Who would have thought that Pete would be the one to have it all together, for the most part. He’s enjoying California, a bit too much. He’s ridiculously tan, and chipper, but he does know how to turn Cali oranges into orange juice. Losing his wife and kids would have broken anyone else, but Pete has officially embraced the bachelor lifestyle, the hippie attitude and the sun.

Joan: At this point, Joan seems to be the only one running SCDP. One-Eyed Ken can’t get a moments peace and is freaking out about all the accounts he’s handling. Joan takes it upon herself to keep a big shoe account after a cold, and quick, lunch date with the company’s representative Wayne Barnes, played by Dan Byrd. She visits a professor to learn more about business strategies, and more than likely will help SCDP to keep the account. I hope nothing happens between her and Wayne though, I mean, he’s just a kid. Joan’s son stays at home for a reason.

Roger: I don’t know what the hell is going on with Roger’s life, but it’s kind of creepy. He seems to be living, and sleeping. with at least 4 other people. He wakes up naked on the floor to answer his daughter Margaret’s phone call. She wants to have lunch, and at the table she forgives him for kind of being a bad dad. The way she forgave him though was a little weird, as if it was a step in some sort of process. Maybe Margaret is in a cult, or is embracing the hippie movement herself.

This was the lowest rated premiere for the show since it’s debut. Is it me, or has AMC barely been promoting it? I’ve seen more commercials for that damn Revolutionary War spy show than this one. Even though it’s going to be split, this season already feels long.