Sex and the City 2 New Poster. Wow.


What. The GOTdamhell?   I’ll bet Kim is happy with her, um, image.  But Sarah Jessica?  I know I’m happy about her face, but I can’t imagine she’s too excited.  As if her face wasn’t LONNNG enough.  Say it with me: Sarah Jessica?  Why the long face?  Holy crap.

Kentucky Derby Contender

You know what?  I love this time of year. Neeeeeigh.

3 Responses to Sex and the City 2 New Poster. Wow.

  1. jeanbean says:

    Laugh out loud funny! OMG! She can’t be too happy about looking cross eyed either. Obviously she pissed someone off.

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  3. Annette says:

    Nayyyyyyy! I don’t think so either.