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‘Absolutely Fabulous’ – Watch Full New Episode HERE, Sweetie Darling!

Patrick and Julia...wait. Edina and Patsy. Same diff.

Oh, it’s like old times, Sweetie Darlings!

“There’s a new disease called The Kardashians, darling…spreads like herpes!”

OhdearLord…Bubble re-enacting The Royal Wedding. “Pippa! Swish, swish, swish down the aisle — no knickers!”  I have to stop.  I’ll ruin it all for you.  WATCH IT!! Go!


Lady Gaga = Patsy Stone + Amy Winehouse (PICTURES) Vancouver Airport

Gaga going through security at the Vancouver Airport (Photo: BauerGriffin)

Look at her cute  little toes!  (You know me and foot fetish.)

Okay.  Back to the matter at hand:

Sweetie Darling...


Oh, Amy...

So if Patsy Stone and Amy Winehouse had a baby?  I KNOW, right?