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I’m Not Dead…Yet. Just very slow today.

Guess who gave me their cold?

I’m running slowly today…and I’m a carrier of the Toddler Cold.  How on earth could I stay away from THIS FACE?  Exactly.

So bear with me.  I’m not dead. 


Song of the Day – “Video Phone” by Beyonce and Lady Gaga (for Felix…)

"Shawty whatcho name is..."

Even though Mim’s sick today (bloody still), Felix and I are having a Dance Party! Club Toddler rules!!

So much for Disney today…say it with Felix and me:  Hubba Hubba… That’s his line.

It’s a Lady Gaga day! (Sorry, Britney…)

I know, right??

Guess what little Dollyhead is with Mim today??  This video is on a LOOP, fyi — and how ’bout Mim’s MagnaDoodle sketch of “LeeLee Gaga”?  Yes, it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art, I agree.

Today is NOT the day I will teach Felix the definition of Delusions of Grandeur.  Mainly because I don’t know what that means, y’all, but I can spell it.

Join us in the fun, won’t you?

Chased him down..

I’m Felix’s biggest fan. I chased him down.   He loves me. YAY!!